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The company

Founded in Nantes in 1871 by Stanislas Loiret and Charles Haëntjens, our company has established itself in Europe as a specialist in the importation and trading of agricultural and food products  sold to  : industry processors, packagers, wholesalers and retailers.

We offer our European customers a service based on rigorous product selection, continuous quality control and traceability, and efficient logistics at the lowest possible cost.

We have established a network of suppliers in over 50 countries, which we visit regularly to verify their industrial capacity and product quality, to obtain reliable market intelligence, and promote development opportunities.

Our storage facilities, located as close as possible to our customers, comply with the highest health and safety standards. We also take care to continually maintain sufficient inventory to guarantee our customers continuous supply.


Loiret & Haëntjens is a limited company (société anonyme) with share capital of 4.7 million euros, mainly owned by Tereos Group, with Lesaffre Group the second largest shareholder.

Tereos: Looking forward, keeping close

logo Tereos

Tereos, the third largest sugar producer in the world, the largest in France and the second largest in Brazil, transforms raw agricultural materials into sugar, alcohol and starch.

With firm roots in the territories in which it operates, Tereos unites 12,000 cooperative partners around one shared long-term vision : adding value to agricultural production and offering high-quality food products.

Tereos welcomes global change and the opportunities it offers, and is developping new outlets for agricultural production, contributing to the improvment of agricultural practices, and optimizing its industrial processes. We are convinced that the agricultural sector will be able to meet the challenge of feeding the world's population both now and in the future.


A leading player on the world stage, Lesaffre designs, produces and delivers solutions for baking, nutrition, health and wellbeing, based on yeast and other fermentation products. A family Group founded in the North of France and now multi-based and multi-cultural, Lesaffre is committed to delivering its best in each of its activities.

Since 1853, innovation has been at the heart of Lesaffre’s development. Working closely with its customers and partners, Lesaffre innovates with confidence to feed and protect the planet more effectively.

Lesaffre achieved over 1.5 billion euros in sales in 2013. Its products are distributed in more than 180 countries. Lesaffre has 7,700 employees in over 70 subsidiaries based in some 40 countries.

Quality Policy

Loiret & Haëntjens has long been committed to Quality Management to ensure long-term customers satisfaction by:

  • anticipating customers expectations,
  • meeting their commitments in terms of product specifications,
  • compliance with regulations, laws and standards,
  • ensuring food safety,
  • involving all its staff and business partners.

Loiret & Haëntjens has its own certifications (ISO 9001, FCA) and rely on its selected suppliers for good HACCP practices to distribute products in compliance with the highest European standards: ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, etc.

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